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Award Winning Time & Attendance Solution

     Making the complex less perplexing

Instead of a technology your company needs to adapt to, we've turned the tables.

We've designed a workforce management solution that adapts to you.

Some Features Include:

  • Easily manage, update or change employee schedules

  • Allow employees to trade and swap shifts

  • Track and manage employee availability

  • Easy to view scheduling reports

  • Create and monitor daily, weekly, monthly budgets in your schedule

  • Coverage view of the schedule to make sure you covered

Your employee scheduling doesn’t need to be so complicated.





Some Features Include:

  • Visual reports allow you to spot employee behavior trends

  • Create customized reports

  • Alerts

  • Actionable data

  • Advanced reporting and analytics that you can use to make smarter business decisions

  • Customizable Dashboards

Do more with your data; Information is power.



Some Features Include:

  • Allow direct web based and/or mobile access by your employees

  • Check schedules, request time off, swap shifts and more

  • Complete timesheets to report hours quickly and efficiently (If included)

  • Punch in using the app with GPS

  • Provides managers access to activities

  • PTO Requests

Self-service built for you and puts information at your team's fingertips.



Employee Self Service

Some Features Include:

  • Robust engine for calculating absence and accrual bank balances

  • Track sick, vacation, training time, emergency days and more

  • Manage carry over, expiry dates, maximum and minimums as well as graduated increase and pro rating

  • Produce statement reports and balance inquiries quickly and easily for employees and managers alike

Handles all your organization PTO plans from simple to complex with ease.





Some Features Include:

  • Easily view and track employee time off requests and plans in a calendar format

  • Sort incoming requests by seniority or date to make sure employees are assigned their time off correctly

  • Prevent too many employees from being off at once using Synerion’s Coverage Standards

  • Project future balances and deduct pre approved days off to ensure extra days are not accidentally awarded

Absence Management that puts you back in control.


Absence Management

Some Features Include:

  • Divide employee hours into what tasks or projects were worked on during the day

  • Assign and track when various rates or rate changes and labor changes occur

  • View total hours for current orders, tasks, projects, etc

  • Have employees allocate their time to different jobs or tasks and included expenses for those jobs

Strike a profitable balance with a Labor Costing solution.


Labor Costing


Some Features Include:

  • Accessible from any smartphone

  • Punch in/out using GPS locating

  • Check Absence balances

  • Check timesheets or timecards

  • See if employees are in or out

  • Manage errors and exceptions

  • Approve absences

  • View employee directory

Smart control of your workforce from absolutely anywhere.



Some Features Include:

  • Mobile

  • Tablet

  • Web

  • Facial Recognition Technology

  • GT4 fingerprint time clock


Data Capture Options

Spring forward with advanced time clock technology.


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