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On Premise HRIS/HRMS Solutions

     One Powerful, Easy-To-Harness Business Tool

All the pieces you need coming together to simplify your business practices and processes.

On Premise Deployment provides for greater control of your
data on your hardware, integrations and costs.

Some Features Include:

  • Integrated HR & Recruiting platform where you manage from “recruit to hire”

  • Promote openings internally and externally

  • Recruiters can easily qualify candidates using criteria that you define

  • Applicant ratings automatically scored

  • Schedule and track interviews, offers, and expenses

  • Recruiting integrations available to job board websites

Complete control over your entire hiring process from job posting to hire.





Some Features Include:

  • Welcome new employees using Vista Onboarding

  • Educate pre-hires on your corporate culture

  • Configurable pre-hire checklist

  • Identify new hire forms that must be collected

  • Simple visibility into new hire progress on their tasks

  • Make the new hires' first day more productive!

  • Onboarding reports and analytics

  • E-Verify automation

Provide your company with the tools to introduce new employees to your organization.



Some Features Include:

  • Complete HR administration

  • E-Verify integration and automation

  • Engagement and employee experience

  • Position management and budgeting

  • Compensation management

  • Learning management

  • Performance management

  • Succession planning

Maintain an organized database of employees, applicants, jobs, and positions.



Human Resources

Some Features Include:

  • Complete benefits administration

  • Automated eligibility and enrollment

  • Open enrollment processing

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) administration

  • FMLA/COBRA eligibility

  • Benefit reports/statements

  • Integrated EDI 834 reporting

  • Electronic signatures

Our benefit component will bring you and your team peace of mind.





Some Features Include:

  • U.S./Canadian federal, state and local tax reporting

  • Job cost accounting

  • On-demand check calculator

  • Retroactive processing

  • Tax maintenance service

  • Wage attachment processing

  • Tax reciprocity

  • Labor distribution and general ledger

Payroll strikes the perfect balance between power and simplicity.



Some Features Include:

  • Easy time entry via online or mobile devices

  • Project/task tracking

  • Unlimited labor levels

  • Employee and Manager Dashboards

  • Manager and employee time approval

  • Attendance tracking 

  • Leave Accruals

  • Geolocation/Geofencing

Time and Attendance tool that meets the needs of your workforce.


Time & Attendance


Some Features Include:

  • Employees access to information they need (e.g., pay advices, W-2s, or T-4s)

  • Allowing employee changes to data that you then review and approve

  • Providing managers access to the activities they need

  • Mobile App

  • PTO Requests and Approval

  • Dashboards of actionable analytics

Self-service build for you and puts information at your team's fingertips.



Self Service


Some Features Include:

  • Automation of your approval process

  • Routing appropriate information to participants 

  • Approve, correct, or reject requests

  • Easily set up workflows on any employee change

  • Define steps based on your specific needs 

  • Easily re-route flows as needed

  • Delegate individual workflow activities to an assigned proxy

  • Maintain historical transaction activity

Tools you need to manage your data flow for employee transactions.



Some Features Include:

  • One-click exports to extract employee data into a spreadsheet

  • Secured tool that simplifies your access to data

  • Over a hundred predefined analytics that can be easily adapted

  • Automatically collect statistical data for reporting and later analysis

  • Customizable KPIs

  • Advanced metrics and analysis screens

  • Dashboards with relevant information all in one place

Analytics give you a big-picture, customizable view of business data in real time.



Analytics & Reporting

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