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UKG has formally announced the End of Life for Optimum Suite, Inc.

What Does This Mean for Your Organization

You do not need to transition to a UKG software solution.  You have options.

When UKG acquired Optimum in 2019, they made a commitment to support your Optimum software for the foreseeable future; however, they are formally announcing the End of Life for Optimum software,

effective March 31, 2025.

Over the course of the next few months, a UKG representative will reach out to your company to discuss options.  All of which will be to transition to a UKG product.

You have many options available to you other than UKG solutions.  

Below are some key points that your organization needs to be aware of as they will impact you directly over the next several months:

  • Optimum has been put in "maintenance mode"

  • Limited future enhancements are planned

  • Only tax updates and bug fixes are on the roadmap

  • No On-Premise HRMS solutions are offered

  • Tech Support Ticket System is cumbersome

  • As more and more clients move away from Optimum the support staff are also reduced

  • Annual support dollars continue to increase yet enhancements are eliminated

  • Cloud pricing model through UKG is the only option available

  • Customer Support is diminished

  • Tech Support response time has increased

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