On October 1st 2019 Kronos once again used its leverage to acquire one of its leading competitors in the HRMS and Payroll marketplace by purchasing Optimum Solutions.

Optimum Solutions, publisher of Optimum Suite was headquartered in Nashville, Tenn.  At the time of of purchase Optimum provided human resources (HR), payroll, and timekeeping solutions to more than 600 organizations throughout the US.

With the acquisition Kronos will extend the reach of its legacy Kronos HCM solutions, including Workforce Ready and Workforce Dimensions HCM, to Optimum customers.

Later, Kronos also announced a merger with Ultimate Software and rebranding to Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) which creates one of the world's largest cloud companies - with 12,000 employees worldwide and approximately $3 Billion in revenue.

Many customers have already been informed that Optimum Suite has been put in "maintenance mode" and have been encouraged to move to one of the Kronos products (Figure 1).  Kronos HCM Solutions are "cloud based" solutions that are no longer on-premise licensed installations and thus require a per employee per month pricing model which may not be a welcomed change from current Optimum customers.


In an early statement, Kronos indicated that it will continue to support all acquired customers through a dedicated Optimum team, but we have seen that support quickly change into a support ticket based system which customers have found cumbersome when comparing it to the previous Optimum support channels.

You have many options available to you other than UKG solutions.  

Below are some key points that your organization needs to be aware of as they will impact you directly over the next several months:


Kronos Incorporated announced the acquisition of Optimum Solutions, Inc.

What Does This Mean for Your Organization

                 Figure 4                                    Figure 3                                    Figure 2                                     Figure 1

  • Optimum has been put in "maintenance mode"

  • Limited future enhancements are planned (Figure 3)

  • Only tax updates and bug fixes are on the roadmap

  • Kronos also merged with Ultimate Software

  • No On-Premise HRMS solutions are offered

  • Tech Support Ticket System is cumbersome

  • As more and more clients move away from Optimum the support staff are also reduced (Figure 1 & 2)

  • Annual support dollars continue to increase yet enhancements are eliminated

       (Figure 3 & 4)

  • Cloud pricing model is the only option available

  • Customer Support is diminished

  • Tech Support response time has increased